yea it does seem like pic 3 went missing. now I’m really curious about the gay housing project…

haha sorry, pic 3 and 4 are the same. that building with all the doors is the gay housing project. town size, the center of town, and the max population are calculated based on how many legitimate doors the game detects within a certain radius, and their locations.

there are so many doors in the project that the original town has been pretty much abandoned in its favor. to repopulate the rest of town, i need to spawn a lot more mans and build more houses for them to live in (which is to say, more doors that open on a sheltered space).

btw, i now have enough of a population for two golems to spawn! i’m going to call the new one Laputa because i witnessed one offering a rose to a willager, who took it after much staring :3



tumblr user vertebraen has been feverishly spamming my submit box with gore for like an hour straight.

you know, dude, you’d be better at this if you bothered to do basic research on potential targets. read the art of war and improve your game.

yep thats the one that owes me a pizza for making me hungry

looks like he’s after homestuck trash. well, some people need more attention than others, we can’t judge

tumblr user vertebraen has been feverishly spamming my submit box with gore for like an hour straight.

you know, dude, you’d be better at this if you bothered to do basic research on potential targets. read the art of war and improve your game.

pic 1: before paving the deep lake that this willage spawned in.

pic 2: basic walkways and fences so the mans can leave their houses and not fall off the sidewalk and drown.

pic 3: public housing project installed by local GLBTQIA chapter. massive increase in homes triggers spawning of Iron Golem, whom jesse immediately named “Helpy”. 

pic 5: the King has grown up!

pic 6: more terraforming. lake is now a large silverwood grove with every tree containing its own magic node. new garden laid out, with output sufficient for the feeding of the coming population boom. Graceland Willagers have abandoned their homes to crowd into the Big Gay Apartment Complex together at night. Golem patrols exclusively around the building, sometimes walking on the roof.

pic 7: garden in bloom.

pic 8: jesse and i put in cherry trees, a boardwalk, comfy benches and fancy stone paving.

pic 9: and jesse spawned a gazebo. don’t worry, this one’s had all its shots.

don’t think they can use ladders at all. only normal walking and stairs.

i’ll have to make him a garden up there so he won’t die. and some frands.





so we won’t make these mistakes anymore

Only, their justification for rejecting “transgender” as an adjective is just plain wrong. I would agree with the criticisims of using it as a verb or a noun, but I’ve never seen those happen.

But “transgender” is derived from a noun: It’s derived from “gender”. Which is a noun (although it can also be a verb; consider “misgender”, “misgendered”). She’s a red-haired, transgendered, girl. What kind of hair does she have? Red. What kind of gender does she have? Trans. Both words are correct. And it’s particularly important to be aware that many trans people, mostly those who are a little older, grew up using “transgendered” and strongly prefer it. And every time you tell them not to say that, you’re denying them the right to pick how they want to identify.

I really wish I knew where this “-ed suffix is wrong!” thing came from, because I have never, ever, seen an actual argument for it which wasn’t stupid. All it’s given us is a large pool of people who are angrily correcting other people about ther personal identity based on not understanding how English words work.

that’s all fine & good but if you’re not trans then i don’t think it’s your argument to pose. moreover, this infographic is supposed to be like a guide, a how-to, not a flat-USE-THESE-ONLY kinda thing … & of course it doesn’t count for individual preference cos y’know… it’s an infographic. 

It calls the word many people prefer a “problem”, and makes an absolute statement that “transgendered” is not derived from a noun and/or verb. But it is absolutely derived from a noun. It’s derived from “gender”.

It says a thing which is false. Why should it say a false thing? Wouldn’t it be better to say a true thing instead?

i love when people decide other people’s gender status is their business to derail a factual discusssion. it’s not quite a hostile act of outing, more like a dress rehearsal on the same stage.

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Some weird jobs are surprising. And some are so surprising, you didn’t even know they exist.

5 Things I Learned Selling My Used Panties Online

#5. There is an eBay for Dirty Panties

Like most stories involving the exchange of used undergarments for cash, it started on the Internet. I was browsing Reddit one day and came across a subreddit called “/r/pantyselling.” I figured that as long as I could do it anonymously, what would it hurt to try? I took two or three photos and made a $75 sale in one hour. That’s more money than I’d make working an entire shift at my day job. I suddenly found myself at a crossroads, where my options were “eliminate what little remains of my free time and double the stress in my life” or “mail my panties to strangers on the Internet when I was done wearing them.”

It was not a difficult decision.

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dirty nasty shoes are a commodity, too. i have considered it because i can destroy the shit out of some motherfucking sneakers.

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oobii replied to your post: blue ribbon prize for most bizarre Vil…

villagers can’t use rope ladders iirc

I tried walling him in until he had only the ladder to go up or down and he just bobbed there. maybe i should put a proper wooden one in there instead and take away the door so he doesn’t think it’s a House anymore?






We see what you did there, X-Men Evolution!


Holy shit.

man i love it when shows i like reference other shows i like. yesterday misa-chu showed me a Stephen Universe fight sequence that included an Utena duel move and i nearly died of joy